Tips for Summer Reading Success

Is your child struggling to dive into a difficult summer reading book? Here are some suggestions to enhance understanding and to engage with your child about the book.

First, be sure to set the stage for the novel. For example, if your child must read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, find some pictures of the rural south. Talk about The Great Depression and find pictures of life during that time. Find footage of the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s. There are also picture books about civil rights icons like Martin Luther King, Ruby Bridges, and Rosa Parks. These exercises will make Macomb and it’s inhabitants come alive for your child.

Second, read the book together and talk about chapter events. Discuss characters and their actions. Predict future plot developments and see if your predictions were accurate.

Third, once you have read a chapter, summarize it on the last page, on a sticky note, or in a summer reading notebook.

Fourth, if the novel is available on tape, have your child listen to it.

Last, if there is a movie version of the book, plan a special movie night and watch together.

Have fun diving into your book!