Enter from

Brandywine St.

at the corner of

Connecticut Avenue, 

into the Saratoga

apartment building,

Suite One.


Come in and find several seating options in our delightful waiting areas, including separate spaces for families and teens.

We have ten private treatment offices...




...and a playroom

with an observation window

and intercom

so parents 

may observe

therapy sessions.


Our spacious conference room is available for staff meetings, computer labs, group therapy sessions, classes, and community meetings.

MSPG is committed to offering state of the art diagnostic and treatment materials.


We like to keep our clients happy as well as provide an engaging and stimulating space.  We have an extensive collection of art, reading materials, a mindful book nook, toys, and games for your enjoyment in our waiting areas.  Our vintage funhouse mirror delights visitors of all ages.  

WiFi is available.